Delicious Music

Today I did something that I had wanted to do for just about as long as this site has been online. Note that I’m not referring to this blog, which has been online for only a few weeks. I’m talking about, oh, it’ll have been 1999 or 2000 that I wanted this thing done. I wanted to get a list of my CD collection online.

The major reason for doing this hasn’t changed over the years: I wanted to give friends a way to look up whichever artist/album they were curious about. I like introducing people to new music, just as I like listening to music I’ve never heard before.

You’ll note that a new menu item Music has appeared in the menu bar at the top. Go ahead and browse!

I created the library with a wonderful program called, Delicious Library, by a company called, Delicious Monster. It’s best feature is that it’ll use your webcam to scan in barcodes on the media you want to file, and look up details on Amazon. It stores it’s data in an easy-to-parse XML file, so today I hacked a small script which generates HTML from that data.

I suspect that I’ll add a few features over time. What’s more important, though, is to fix the data in the library. Because quite frankly, a lot of the album release dates are borked.

  • dat nörmsche

    Nicht schlecht, Herr Specht!
    Die Liste allerdings, die sich bei Klick auf “music” öffnet, ist noch arg unschön, und den wirren Buchstabenfolgen ist kaum etwas zu entnehmen. Wenn das im Design von unwesen daherkäme und anstatt eines “0A371151-D766-4FDB-8..>” den Albumtitel und Interpreten zeigen würde, wäre das schon sehr nett.
    Aber ich gehe mal davon aus, daß dieses noch kommt.

  • unwesen

    Jein. Du hast nur nen bloeden Zeitpunkt erwischt, zu dem ich aufgrund meiner Netzwerkprobleme nicht schnell genug mit dem Synchronisieren fertig war. Sollte alles ganz huebsch sein, jetzt.

  • dat nörmsche

    Ahhhhh! In der Tat! In der Tat!

  • girliegeek

    What a cool idea!! I have an Amazon affiliate account and I’m thinking that there must be some way to link the cd’s through your account so you get credit for selling them … Something I might look into!!

  • unwesen

    Now THAT’s what I call a good idea… but I’ve got good news for you, pylicious (as I’m calling the script) is near completion. By that I mean that I’m cleaning up the code & documentating some odds and ends – and then I’ll put it up for download here. Then you can generate your own web pages with it :)

  • unwesen

    And it’s done (for German and UK amazon links, that is). Didn’t take long to do – just watch for the release of pylicious.

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