WoW Design Improvements: In-Game Mail

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In a lot of ways, my gripes about WoW’s in-game mail system are similar to that about the in-game chat system: it’s needlessly restrictive. Because I’ve given a fair amount of reasoning in my previous post, this one is going to be a bit shorter1.

Generally speaking, my criticism of the built-in mail system is that it’s so much like email that I don’t understand why it’s not email.

When considering the similarities between the built-in chat system and IRC, I can explain the differences between the two with the fact that nowadays not everyone is familiar with IRC and how it’s done. That argument falls apart when you consider that WoW’s chat system still comes with operator privileges and some of the special channel-related commands that IRC uses2.

But this is email. Just about everyone knows how to use email.

No Spam Protection

Spam is just about as much a problem with the built-in mail system as it is with the chat system. You don’t get sent many messages from the game, though, and I haven’t seen a single Addon that automatically sends you mail yet. So spam in this case refers to the real deal, the dishonest-to-nigerian-scam unsolicited bulk mail advertising products that boost your battling potency.

Would it be hard to add a spam filter? No. Just about every email provider nowadays has shown how to do it.

  1. But not much. []
  2. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, that just goes to show that you likely don’t use IRC much, and might well be overwhelmed with these aspects of the WoW chat system. []