World of Warcraft Subscription

Following a few similar posts on other people’s blogs, and a comment in my latest post on design improvements, I feel it’d be interesting to post a few numbers related to my WoW usage.

  • I started playing pretty much exactly 750 days ago, on 2005-06-23.
  • The amounts I payed towards WoW are at roughly € 320.-, composed of the prices for the game itself, the burning crusade expansion, and the monthly subscription fees.
  • Over all my characters, my time spent in game comes to over 55 days.

While those numbers are certainly impressive, what exactly does that mean?

  • On average, I spent 1 hours and 45 minutes and 36 seconds each day playing1.
  • Each hour of entertainment cost me about € 0.24.
  • The time spent watching a movie, that is, roughly 1.5 hours, would come to € 0.36 at this hourly rate.
  • Hereabouts going to the cinema costs about € 7.-, and renting a DVD will come to € 1.50 to € 3.00.
  • So for slightly more than 1/20th of what it would cost to go the cinema, I get to be entertained and to simultaneously talk to people I’d never have met otherwise.

It’s a lot of money – but if you compare it to other forms of entertainment and/or socializing, it’s incredibly cheap. My only complaint is that I’m not moving a lot while I play.

I need a holo-deck.

Edit: I originally estimated my play time to be around 80 days. Numbers are now corrected.

  1. I really play more in bursts – for the last month, I haven’t logged on except to check my in-game mail. []