Album: Down – Nola

Down - Nola

Yes! I finally found it!

After having been a fan of Down’s second album, “Down II”, for years, I found their 1995 output “Nola” in a record store in Colchester today. It turned out to be a bit pricey, but UK CD prices are extraordinary high anyway, and it’s been really hard to find for years (except on iTunes, but that doesn’t quite satisfy my haptic needs).

If you don’t know Down at all, head over to their website, which has a few samples of their ultra-heavy stoner rock music. If you’re too lazy for that and know Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society, that’ll do as a base of comparison. And if you don’t know who Zakk Wylde is, he’s been guitarist for Ozzy for years.

Compared directly to “Down II”, “Nola” is a bit cleaner in production, and Phil Anselmo‘s vocals remind one far more of Pantera. Musically, it’s also less reminiscent of southern rock, and closer to purer doom style.

Ah, well, who cares anyway: it’s great, so go get it! And I just read that a third album is in production – can’t wait!