KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid

In my post yesterday about an attempt to prove the existence of God, I skipped one piece of information that I found to be very interesting, but really felt like it should be the topic of another post: The author of the God argument states their belief that the truth is always simple.

I find that very interesting, because it’s such a popular belief. In a slightly modified form, it exists as the KISS paradigm – the idea, that if you have a simple and a complex solution to a given problem, the simple solution must be preferable.

Now there are good arguments for that. The main reason is, that we can better understand simple solutions, and they’re thus less likely to have major logical flaws built into them. That’s the reasoning, at least, based on the assumption that a simple solution can be tested against possible flaws more easily than a complex solution. And in theory at least, that certainly holds true.

In practice, simple solutions are often used because they’re simple, and easy to understand – not because their best. And much like any other pattern we apply, the more we use these simple solutions, the easier they become to understand, and thus the more they will be used.

That’s not to say simple solutions are necessarily bad either. The fact that they’re easy to understand still remains a major bonus.