The God Argument

Looking at unwesen’s front page, I saw an ad for a website trying to prove that god exists. They are trying to prove god exists by disproving all other possible reasons for the universe they could think of, which leaves, by default, that the universe was created by a higher being.

Now I like a good argument, and I like to disprove the basis of other people’s arguments in order to win them. It’s a cheap tactic, but as long as the argument isn’t too serious, it gets both sides nicely wound up. But if you try to disprove someone’s argument, you clearly have to present arguments that aren’t easily disproved themselves. Unfortunately, that’s where the website above fails.

The universe is eternal

The site tries to disprove that position by stating that in order for this to be true, the past would need to be infinite – go on, read their site and the rest of the argument, I don’t want to repeat it here.

That’s just a wrong assumption, though. For an eternal universe, you don’t absolutely need an infinite past. What you need is either an infinite past or an infinite future – the other direction may have a clear starting or ending point. Just because something stops in one direction, it can still go on forever in the opposite direction, thus making the whole thing infinitely long – or in terms of a timeline, eternal.

So we could just be a finite span of time from the starting point of the universe, with an eternal future ahead of us.