Album: Sadist – Sadist

I’m not really good at writing about music. That mostly due to the fact that I know next to nothing about the whole thing. On the other hand, music is an important part of my life – I own an extensive CD collection. I tend to treat listening to music as an activity in itself, and frequently get irritated when there is music playing in the background, while I have to concentrate on something.

Because music is important to me, I’d like to write about it more, but because I know nothing about it, that’s very hard to do. Of course, you can’t listen to music intently and not follow the structure of a piece somewhat.


An understanding of different parts to the piece, of different roles different instruments play, of how the arrangement of parts defines the song – all of these things you begin to recognize and categorize, your own private language of music evolves. You can use that language to compare one song to another, but because it’s a language you came up with yourself, you cannot easily use it to share your impressions with others.

I’ll try anyway: right now, I’m listening to the new eponymously titled Sadist1 album. It’s a pretty good album, and I think I’m going to enjoy it for a long time. Sadist is described as creating technical Death Metal (or Techno-Death2).

Sadist definitely shows the guitar and percussion work of classic Death Metal. On the other hand, the song structures are less intense, and don’t show as much of the driving rythms usually associated with that type of music. Instead, the songs are loosened up with interspersed atmospheric instrumental parts, sometimes taking over the song almost entirely. The fact that the first and last tracks are purely instrumental enhance the impression that the album really isn’t a Death Metal album at all.

  1. I’ve decided to link to musica instead of bands or albums directly, because that has several benefits: I need less time finding the links, you get a good overview of the artist’s work, and musica tends to have up-to-date links to artist’s official sites. We all win. []
  2. Which has nothing to do with Techno whatsoever []