New Site Software


Unwesen was long due for an overhaul. Not that the underlying software was bad as such (I’d written it myself, so it can’t have been bad), but it was offering far less functionality than I wanted.

I remember ending up writing my own software because none of the free content management systems out there met my needs – I wanted a very simple and clean system, that would allow me to quickly whip up new pages. I didn’t mind writing my own HTML tags – in fact, I wanted to be able to do just that, because it offers greater control over the page layout.

What I didn’t want to do, though, was dealing with navigation links, search functionality, you name it.

Well, times change. By now WordPress is available, and has been for a while. WordPress offers exactly what I need. The time was here to migrate unwesen.

In the course of that, it was inevitable that I would change the layout. I hope you like the results1.

  1. Now there are image galleries as well! And footnotes! []
  • dat nörmsche

    Yeah, i like that. but i miss the mask indeed, you know ;-). The Unwesen has some hairs in his face, can it be? It is a new picture, i suppose?
    With very bad englisch, the Wesen.

  • unwesen

    Autsch, Norman, autsch.

  • Shrimp

    dude… okay first, i thought you said you werent going to be updating this? i check in and there are like 50 posts. insanity

    second, i really REALLY like the layout!


  • unwesen

    Yeah, I was busier than I thought. Now I’ve got a dry spell. It’ll likely occur in bursts like this, my posting. Thanks, part of the layout is inspired by another one, but I played around with it until it became a wholly different beast.