First Post!

So, I’m giving blogs another try. This time around I’ll approach things differently, which implies two things:

  1. This blog will be mostly about or related to what I do, and that’s writing software. If that bores you, feel free to leave.
  2. This blog will not be updated regularly. It might not be updated for months. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Having said that, I’ll immediately post something that doesn’t fall into the software category. I’m currently listening to a pretty good CD I bought recently, from a still relatively little known German Death Metal band Obscura. If you’re into Florida-style Death Metal, and like a more technical/progressive edge to your music, give them a try. Overall I’m mostly reminded of Cancer and Death, with a dash of Morbid Angel.

Of course I’m giving those comparisons only because I’m no good at describing music. Just head to their site and listen to the songs there, the rest of the Retribution album lives up to and exceeds any expectations that might produce.